Level 1 Basics Class
Teaches you are your pup the foundation and groundwork for skills that are key in developing a well-mannered companion.
☐ Sit, Touch and Look
☐ Desensitization, Handling and Grooming, Heel step 1, Sit for Petting, No Jumping
☐ Leave it, Drop it, Down, Stand, Puppy push up’s
☐ How to greet other dogs, Come when called, Heel with leave it
☐ Stay, and some fun tricks

Level 2 Good House Dog Class

Continues developing skills from level one while adding some new good house dog commands; while adding the three “D’s”, distance, distractions and duration.
☐ Heel Step 2, Wait, Front door dashing
☐ On your bed, Stay on bed, Stay on bed with distance
☐ Complete Heel, and some fun tricks
☐ On your bed with distractions, Down stay
☐ On your bed with the three D’s (distance, distractions and duration)

Level 3 Canine Good Citizen Prep Class

Prepping for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Test. The mastering of all Items Learned from Level 1 & 2, and getting you and your pup ready to be perfect in public.
☐ Sit politely for petting, Excepting a friendly stranger, Appearance and grooming
☐ Out for a walk, Walking through a crowd
☐ Sit and down on command and staying in place, Come when called
☐ Reactions to another dog, Reactions to distractions
☐ Supervised separation, Breaking separation anxiety


Level 1 Basics : 6 Week Course... $150.00
Level 2 Good House Dog : 6 Week Course... $150.00
Level 3 CGC Prep : 6 Week Course... $150.00

Therapy Dog : 6 Week Course... $150.00

Working Dog : Per Session... $75.00
PrivateTraining : Per Session... $75.00

CGC Test : Per Test... $45.00
CGCA & CGCU Test : Per Test... $75.00
Potty Training101 : One Time Class... $10.00

Board & Train : 30 Minute Session... $30.00



Thursday August 1st
Level 2 Good House Dog 6 pm

Sunday August 18
Level 1 Basics 9 am

Thursday August 22
Potty Training 101 7pm

Monday August 26
Level 1 Basics 6 pm

Saturday August 31
Labor Day Weekend No Class


Sunday September 1
Labor Day Weekend No Class

Monday September 2
Labor Day No Class

Wednesday September 4
Potty Training 101 6pm

Sunday September 15
Level 1 Basics 10 am

Wedndesay September 18
Level 1 Basics 6 pm

Monday September 30
Level 1 Basics 7 pm

Trainer Bio

Megan Courtney a.k.a. Courtney, graduate of Palomar College, a professional member of the American Kennel Club, and evaluator for CGC, CGCA and CGCU. She is committed to providing the most effective and convenient solutions for your dog training needs. Courtney’s long understanding of animals began with the training of horses and dogs at a young age. She learned animal behavioral science while in college in 2012 and began her career in dog training shortly after. It is her strong belief that each pet should be treated as an individual as well as their family members and that there is not just one way to train all dogs. Providing evaluations, group classes, private lessons, board and train, therapy dog classes, CGC prep and testing, as well as working dog classes. Whether you are looking for a well-mannered housedog, therapy dog or a working dog, she is a one stop shop for all your training needs.