Cat Boarding

We provide our feline friends with three choices of country comfort. All kitty accommodations are heated and air conditioned for their comfort. We supply litter boxes, litter, food/water dishes, and comfortable beds, as well as a delectable variety of canned and dry food.


Interior Window Condos

These look into the room at the other kitty guests or they can choose the second window and watch our busy staff through the lobby window. These condos have staggered shelves for climbing and sleeping comfort, as well as providing a quiet safe haven for the more timid guest.

  • 1 Cat: $30/day
  • 2 Cats: $37/day

Rates increase $5/day during Holidays. Learn More

Window Condos

The window condos are similar to our non-window condo in size and functionality yet it has a large window to the outdoors, allowing endless hours of people watching, bird watching, and sunbathing.

  • 1 Cat: $32/day
  • 2 Cats: $40/day

Rates increase $5/day during Holidays. Learn More

Cat Boarding in Temecula, CA

Deluxe Window Suites

Our suites are floor to ceiling with three staggered shelves and a large window for the optimal viewing pleasure of our country setting. We recommend that families of 3 or more choose our deluxe suite accommodations.

  • 1 Cat: $40/day
  • 2 Cats: $50/day
  • 3 Cats: $56/day
  • 4 Cats: $62/day

Rates increase $5/day during Holidays. Learn More

Cat Boarding in Menifee, CA

Required Vaccinations

At least 72 hours prior to your pet’s arrival, Country Kennels must have a formal vaccination record or receipt from shot clinic or licensed veterinarian indicating that the vaccinations are up-to-date and meet County Kennels requirements listed below. Send vaccination records to Country Kennels via email at or fax to (951) 677-9513.

  • Rabies (RV) (1 or 3 years)
  • Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, & Panleukopenia (FVRCP) (One to Three Years)

We Are the Top Cat Boarding Service in Menifee, Temecula, CA & Beyond!

What Our Customer’s SayWe have been boarding our FUR-KIDZ here for 14yrs and absolutely love the staff, the facility, just about everything. All we have to say is, "who wants to go to the hotel?!" and they are beating us to the door!— Tina-Marie S.
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